ISOMA's premium-quality 3-Piece Specialty Brush Set consists of three premium-quality brushes that are ideal for the multi-media makeup artist to have in their makeup case. Specialty brush # 1 is used to apply adhesive to the skin for various adhesive application needs. Specialty brush # 1 and # 2 are used to dissolve and blend various size edges of plastic bald caps. They may also be used to losen the edges of bald caps, prosthetic appliances, and other items. Each of these premium-quality brushes features the ISOMA name in sliver on a black brush handle. The 3-Piece Specialty Brush Set comes in three individual see-thur plastic protective holders and are only $24.00.

Next to the makeup artist's knowledge, expertise and skill as a professional, one's application tools and products are essential to the success of the makeup application. In reference to brushes as application tools, the quality of the brush materials used, their construction by skilled craftspeople, the shape and design of each different brush and the type of natural hair or nylon fiber that are used in ISOMA brushes are essential to the successful performance of the brush and the artist's flawless creation.

ISOMA's line of professional makeup artist brushes are carefully crafted to ISOMA's exacting specifications by experts in the art of brush making and they are made from fine quality materials that have been carefully selected by ISOMA. Such meticulous attention to detail helps to ensure the professional makeup artist of high-quality craftsmanship and materials that will (with proper care) not only provide a long brush life but will give excellent application results.

The wood of the pear is one of the preferred materials in the manufacture of high-quality woodwind instruments, fine furniture, and artistic carvings. The handles of ISOMA brushes are also made from the hardwood of the pear tree. The metal part of the brush that binds the brush hair to the handle is made of nickel-plated brass ferrules. ISOMA has selected a variety of natural hairs (red sable, weasel, squirrel, badger, goat, raccoon, horse, and boar,) for specific uses of its various brushes. Only nature's highest quality natural hairs from these species are selected for softness on the skin and their ability to superbly perform the application function. Also, high-quality nylon filaments are the preferred choice of material for brushes that are to be used with cream and liquid products. ISOMA's brushes are tapered at the ends to provide flexibility, ease of application and the desired results.

The International Society of Makeup Artists is pleased to offer its premium-quality line of professional makeup brushes to the international community of multi-media makeup artists for their artistic creations.
ISOMA Brush Descriptions 
3 Brushes are in the 3-piece Specialty Brush Set
The brush images shown here are not actual sizes. These images have been enlarged to accurately show the shape of each brush head. Actual sizes vary for each brush style.

12 brush set open




 1. Specialty brush # 1  (classic Size) . . . This is the perfect brush for applying adhesive to the skin for a variety of uses (lace hairpieces, prosthetic appliances, plastic or latex bald caps, feathers, glitter, etc.) It features a long useful handle to enable a firm grip and easy application. The brush head possesses a plump tuft of absorbable hair, but yet it is firm and durable enough to hold an ample amount of adhesive and last through repeated uses. The brush design gives the makeup artist the ability to control and smoothly apply the adhesive to the exact area of the skin or application area. Specialty brush # 1 is 7 3/4 inches long.   



Specialty Brush # 1  (classic size)  is $20.00 USD



2. Specialty brush # 2  (large size) . . . This large size specialty brush is made of strong boar's hair and is ideal for holding a larger amount of the liquid that is used to dissolve the edges of a plastic bald cap. It is also excellent for "rolling off" large areas of excess edges of the plastic bald cap, by the use of the specially selected coarse boar's hair and the rounded brush head design. And it may be used to loosen the edges of the plastic bald cap for the removal process. Additionally, this brush may be used to lightly loosen small edges of other items (lace hairpieces, prosthetic appliances, feathers, glitter, etc.) that have been adhered to the skin. Specialty brush # 2 is 7 3/4 inches long.  


Specialty Brush # 2  (large size)  is $20.00 USD



3. Specialty brush 3  (small size) . . . This smaller size specialty brush is made of strong boar's hair and is ideal for holding smaller amounts of the liquid that is used to dissolve the edges of a plastic bald cap. It is also excellent for "rolling off" small areas of excess edges of the plastic bald cap, by the use of the specially selected coarse boar's hair and the rounded brush head design. And it may be used to loosen a small edge area of the plastic bald cap or all edges for the removal process. Additionally, this brush may be used to lightly loosen small edges of other items (lace hairpieces, prosthetic appliances, feathers, glitter, etc.) that have been adhered to the skin. Specialty brush # 3 is 7 3/8 inches long.  


Specialty Brush # 3  (small size)  is $20.00 USD 



36 Brush Set
The 3-Piece Specialty Brush Set Holder

The 3-Piece Specialty Brush Set Holder is a see-thru plastic holder that is closed at both ends with a black closure cap. On one end of the closure caps is a special holder in the base that holds the tip of the brush handle in place. This type of holder prevents the brush from moving once it is placed in the see-thru plastic holder. The holder is cleanable with a soft cloth and a mild cleanser. It should not come into contact with adhesives, adhesive removers, acetone, etc., as these type of substances will scar or mar the plastic surface area of the holder. If properly cared for, the holder will help to keep your brushes in an orderly manner and well-maintained condition. The brush holder is 9 1/4 inch long (from closure tip to closure tip) and is 1/2 inch round.


Cleaning ISOMA Brushes 

It is important to keep your makeup brushes in a clean and sanitary condition in order to avoid irritating the skin of those that you apply makeup to and to protect your makeup products from contamination. Any unsanitary makeup brush can collect oil, create excess makeup build-up on the brush hairs, attract dust particles and can contain bacteria.

Clean brushes enable the artist to create better makeup applications, give a professional appearance in the work area and provide the artist with esteem in the eyes of the talent, maintain and lengthen the life of the brushes and protect the makeup artist from any liabilities due to unsanitary brushes.
Professional Brush Cleaning Fluid Method
One may clean their brushes by using a professional brush cleaner that is available from one of the numerous professional makeup supply stores. Such brush cleaning fluids dry quickly . . . Often in a few minutes. As for a brush cleaning container, one may purchase from an art store, a glass brush cleaning container. It features a coiled device in the bottom of the container to permit excess waste to fall to the bottom of the container while cleaning the brushes. Immerse your brush hairs into the cleaning solution at a slight angle and gently brush the brush hairs over the coil to remove any unwanted properties from the brush. Do not permit the solution to soak or seep into the metal ferrule area of the brush. To do so can weaken the adhesive inside the ferrule that holds the hair to the brush and it may cause shedding of hair from the brush ferrule and make the brush handle become wobbly. Once you feel that you have cleaned the brush well, stroke it against the sides of the top of the container wall to remove as much excess cleaning liquid from the brush hairs. Afterwards, gently brush the brush hairs against several layers of tissues or a few folded soft paper towels in order to permit any remaining cleaning fluid to be absorbed into the tissues or folded paper towels. Once you have done this to see how clean the brush is and to remove as much brush cleaning fluid as possible, shape your brush into its normal brush shape. Afterwards, place the brush over the edge of your makeup counter or a table so air can circulate all around the brush hairs and permit the brush to quickly air-dry. This liquid cleaning fluid method dries quickly.

It is important to remember that some cleaning fluids can scar and stick to plastic items (such as plastic eye shadow, blush and lipstick palettes,) and possibly scar or damage fine furniture, so do not let your brush or the brush cleaning product touch any item that is plastic or comes into contact with fine furniture or any items that can be damaged by the cleaning fluid that you have selected to use. Please remember to be aware of this matter when using any liquid brush cleanser.
Instant Spray-on Brush Cleaning Method
There are several instant spray-on brush cleansers (available at professional makeup supply stores,) that one may purchase and use to cleanse their brushes with while one is working on an assignment. These instant cleansers are fine for those makeup artists who may have a need to quickly cleanse their brushes in between multiple makeup applications. Such instant cleansers have disinfectant properties and dry quickly. But one should never substitute such a cleaning process for a regular immersion cleaning method that provides a thorough cleansing of the brush.
Using a Good Quality Shampoo Method
One may also use a good quality hair shampoo to clean their brushes. However, avoid a shampoo that contains any kind of oils, glycerin or heavy conditioners. Such products tend to soften and make brushes feel greasy and less fluffy like real hair does if it was not rinsed well and still contains too much shampoo or conditioner in it. Make sure you rinse your brushes very well. When using this method, place a small amount of shampoo (that has been semi-diluted with water) in the palm of your hand and gently stroke the brush back and forth over the shampoo to permit the shampoo to be absorbed into the hair and cleanse the hairs of the brush. Do not let the shampoo get into the metal ferrule area of the brush. After cleansing, gently rinse your brushes well under clean, lukewarm running water. Then use cool water as a final rinse water. Afterwards, gently blot the brush with tissues or a soft folded paper towel to remove any excess water. Finally, shape your brush hairs into its normal shape and permit the brush to dry by placing your brush over the edge of a counter or table so the brushes can dry as quickly as possible in an even manner by permitting the air to circulate around your brush hairs.

One should note that this shampoo cleaning method takes a longer period of time to dry the brushes (especially brushes that are thick and full), so it is best to clean your brushes at night when using this method so they will have ample time to dry.

No matter which cleaning method that you may select to use, please do not permit your brushes to stand on the hair ends, to do so will distort the shape of your brush hairs. Also, do not permit your brushes to dry with the brush hair and ferrule facing upwards. To do so will allow brush cleaning fluid or water to enter the metal brush ferrule and weaken the adhesive that holds the hair to the brush. Weak adhesive can cause the brush to shed hair and make the brush handle become wobbly.

ISOMA's premium-quality makeup brushes are an important asset to the professional makeup artist and their ability to perform their craft to the best of their ability in order to create a variety of artistic creations. Such brushes are an equally important investment in the makeup artistís current and future career, so proper maintenance and care is advisable in order to ensure their premium-quality condition and ability to perform well for you.