As a makeup artist, I am a member of a select group of highly skilled professional artists rendering their craft to individuals in need of personal enhancement for medical reasons or for individual beautification for society wear or for the enjoyment of the masses of people who may see our creativity as part of their viewing pleasure in print or during stage, film, television, video, and internet performances. I shall upon my honor:




  • Strive to achieve professional knowledge, growth and excellence for myself, my profession and my society.
  • Conduct myself with dignity, and perform my craft in an ethical and professional manner.
  • Be ever mindful to treat with decorum and esteem other professionals and those that I encounter in my professional career.
  • Share in a like manner, with other giving professionals concerning artistic knowledge, techniques and abilities.
  • Bestow upon others the same professional kindnesses and courtesies that I would desire for myself.
  • Try in some meaningful way to give back to other professionals and society in return for the professional and personal enrichment that I have enjoyed and benefited from my profession.
  • Promote the advancement of the makeup profession in every manner and deed possible, knowing that I, as well as other professionals, shall benefit from such promotion.
  • Create goodwill, not only within my own circle of friends and community, but contribute in some way to the promotion of international goodwill, which shall benefit all of humankind.