The International Society Of Makeup Artists (ISOMA) was originally organized as a small group of makeup artists wishing to communicate with other makeup artists around the world to exchange professional ideas, techniques and knowledge for their individual use. The exchange of information between individuals was necessary because there were not many schools teaching Multi-Media makeup techniques. As a result of these makeup artists communicating with one another, bonds of friendship were created that have lasted a lifetime between many society members.

These makeup artists, who came from various fields of the makeup profession, were beginning to expand their expertise and creativity, crossed lines, and worked in many other makeup areas of the industry. The term Multi-Media Makeup Artists for the Multi-Media Makeup Profession became synonymous with, and used by many individuals who are employed in many areas of the makeup profession. Many of the original society members spoke of their desire to create a unique foundation that would satisfy their individual needs for the various fields of the Multi-Media makeup profession that they were employed in. As a result, they compiled a list of specific needs for the desired foundations.

They proceeded to create the premium-quality foundation line that was used for many years by the members of ISOMA. This unique, premium-quality makeup line that became ISOMA COSMETICS was created by and for professionals. Eventually, various makeup artists began to hear of ISOMA COSMETICS by word of mouth, and they too began to request them. As a result, ISOMA COSMETIC foundations were made available, and have been used for several years by a large number and variety of international makeup artists who are employed in the Multi-Media makeup profession.

What makes ISOMA COSMETICS so unique and the foundation that is used internationally by so many Multi-Media makeup artists?

  • ISOMA COSMETICS is distinctive and pleasing in its properties and its compatibility with the extremely fine color emulsions of film stock, high quality videotape, high-end demands of standard definition and high definition television and diverse spectrum of lighting that is in use in the Multi-Media makeup industry.
  • ISOMA COSMETICS foundations contain a variety of quality ingredients and formulations.
  • ISOMA COSMETICS contain no perfumes and no animal testing is conducted in the making of this exceptional product.
  • ISOMA COSMETICS were designed and quality formulated to maximize pleasing results, with just the right feel and texture professionals expect.
  • ISOMA COSMETICS are easy to apply and offer the professional the choice of desired coverage; long wearing durability under a variety of conditions; protection from the elements, and enhanced water resistance.
  • ISOMA COSMETICS, with their simplified shade selection and unbelievable mixability, make them useful for numerous skin-tones, individuals and assignments.
  • ISOMA COSMETICS let the skin breathe and permit the natural skin to show.

All of these important criteria were taken into consideration when these premium quality professional foundations were being developed by and for professionals who are employed internationally in the Multi-Media makeup profession.