The International Society of Makeup Artists (which is also referred to as ISOMA) is pleased to honor exceptional makeup artists in the multi-media makeup industry who have distinguished themselves during their careers. ISOMA prides itself for being an impartial international society that wishes to simply honor members of the makeup profession who have not and may never be honored by members of their profession. ISOMA feels it is an important service to acknowledge deserving individuals. Especially in an industry that entertains, educates, and inspires millions of people who have been affected by the work of various professionals in the multi-media profession. ISOMA is honored to be the creation and means of this goal. The below artists are just a few that have been honored by ISOMA. In the future ISOMA will honor more deserving individuals.


Multi-media makeup artist, Nicole M. Martin is a seasoned makeup professional. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Nicole has been actively employed in the industry for 15-plus years, working with a society and celebrity client base in just about every facet of the makeup industry (print, corporate, industrial, music videos, television commercials and television interviews, film, live performances and appearances, theater, fashion shows, trade shows, department stores, beauty salons, society, and weddings). When people asked Nicole why she went into the makeup profession, her reply is always that it has always been her "calling."

Nicole is clear that she she has been fascinated by makeup ever since she was a little girl. She laughingly tells of melting her mother's lipsticks in an Easy-Bake play oven and making her own shades of lipstick. Of course Nicole's mother was not really impressed, but Nicole was so thrilled with creating her "own" makeup that the excitement out-weighed any form of punishment.

Nicole shares her insights into her need to be in makeup by saying to us, "My father forbade me to wear makeup as a teenager since he had said it would change my appearance in the eyes of others and as a result, this taboo only heightened my curiosity about makeup and its ability to transform a person into a different look or character. I wanted to explore how to use makeup and create different looks on myself and others. To me, makeup was an artistic expression of an artist's creativity. As a result, I would secretly apply eyeliner, blush, and mascara whenever I thought I would not be seen by my family. I was amazed at how just a few simple products could change one's appearance and character. One could change themselves with makeup to look more attractive naturally, more mature, business-like, and sexy and seductive, depending upon ones mood, products, and application technique.

"As a result of my empowering myself with a few simple makeup products and the ability to apply them well, I found myself looking at the faces of other women, and I would mentally visualize how I could improve their appearance by applying a little makeup to their faces. I also started to buy many fashion magazines such as Seventeen, Essence, Glamour, and Vogue and look at the faces of the fashion models that appeared in the numerous ads. I was especially enthralled by any photos that had "before and after" photos in the magazines. To me, these kinds of photos only inspired me more and more to want to do the same kind of makeovers too. I wanted to express my inner artistic abilities in such a manner and I knew I could do it too. I taught myself to closely study numerous beauty products that were shown in the magazines and the shelves at drugstores and when I visited the makeup counters at the department stores. I was enthralled by makeup products and what they could do to change a persons appearance. I could talk to the representatives of various cosmetic lines, some of whom were makeup artists. I asked thousands of questions and had numerous make-overs done on myself by these makeup artists. And each time I had my makeup applied by one, I closely watched what they did to enhance me and I asked why. It was all part of my secret training as a self-taught makeup artist.

"As a result of this simple experience and the knowledge from the makeup artists that I encountered at the department stores, I started to look more and more at the faces of others and think how I would change their features. I thought of using a better matched foundation for someone with a poor face foundation color. Or I thought that some women needed their eyebrows arched to make their eyes appear larger and their overall appearance to be well-groomed. I was hooked on improving the faces of others with my limited beauty experience and products.

"I had been taught by my mother the importance of daily cleansing and moisturizing, but I wanted to become more familiar with foundations for a variety of skin tones and various makeup products. As a result, I became an Estee Lauder Beauty Adviser while I was attending college. To me, being an Estee Lauder Beauty Adviser was what I call a "two for one experience". It was a way to earn some extra money for my life's needs and to advance my makeup training. At the Estee Lauder makeup counter, I was given the opportunity to learn the art of matching the right foundation to different skin tones and use a variety of expensive and varied makeup products that were at my disposal each day. It was like being in a candy store and the candy was all mine. I was also exposed to other makeup artists who I learned a great deal from. Since I was a willing student and a quick learner. I did not want to forget a thing, so I made makeup notes, drew face charts, experimented at work on store clients and at home on friends and family members, doing a variety of makeup applications that ranged from natural everyday looks, business casual, to glamour designs.

"While working at the Estee Lauder counter, I met a wide range of individuals who appreciated my makeup applications, my attentive, friendly, caring personality and the fact that I loved the makeup profession which showed in my work and character to those that I encountered. As a result, I was often asked to render my services privately by applying their makeup for their friends and family members for a variety of occasions, such as private still photography sessions, proms, weddings, and special occasions. From these experiences and having been graciously and appreciatively paid for my services, I realized that I could not only do what I loved to do, but I could also make a lot of money doing it! Although money was never my motivation in life, I instantly decided to devote my self to this profession as a lifelong career. I realized that the art of makeup was my passion and it was now possible to make a very good living from doing the type of work that gave me a sense of pride, personal worth and satisfaction as an artist and a person. I knew that I would never be happier doing any other kind of profession than being a makeup artist."

While attending various trade shows to see new products and possibly learn new techniques, Nicole was captivated by the looks that she saw on the faces of the models that appeared at the show Makeup Competitions. Such shows afford artists from around the country and the world to be recognized and have their photos with their models to be seen nationally and internationally in newspapers, magazines, television, and on the Internet. It is a public relations bonanza for artists who want exposure that they may wish to utilize to the best of their abilities. To Ms. Martin the fascinating, unique looks that she saw at such shows represented artistic expressions in her mind that intrigued her and made her desire to emulate such looks with her own unique creations. After attending one such show, she went home elated and determined to enter two of the makeup competitions the next year.

As often as possible, she thought of ideas for her makeup designs that she wished to enter in the makeup competitions. She drew up design after design on paper that she envisioned in her mind. She experimented by practicing her designs on the faces of her family members and friends. Finally after many trial and error attempts and a lot of emotional worrying, she felt that she had created the looks that she was happy with and decided to enter them in the makeup competitions the upcoming year.

In 2004, she entered her model in two of the Makeup Competitions that were offered by the Beauty Fusion Show, which was held at the spacious Jacob K. Javits Convention Center In New York City. ISOMA Executive Director, C. Robert Erdman, who normally attends such shows and serves as one of the distinguished judges for the Makeup Competitions was unable to attend the show due to business matters. As a result, he asked ISOMA member, Ms. Joyce Kang, who is the International Artistic Director for ISOMA, to attend and serve in his place by Judging and presenting the ISOMA Awards to the winners of the two makeup competitions that were offered. Joyce Kang is a Korean born, multi-talented multi-media makeup artist/hairstylist/nail designer and the beneficiary of more than 50 awards and honors for her artistic creations and abilities from around the world. Ms. Kang was pleased to present Ms. Martin with the ISOMA Avant-Garde Award and the Evening Fashion Makeup Competition Award that she had won with the most points in each of the two competitions that she had entered.

Ms. Martin has entered several makeup competitions that are offered by various shows and has been presented with the following awards: International Sphere of Beauty Award, Classic Evening Fashion Makeup, and Artistic Excellence Award. When she is not working as a multi-media makeup artist, rendering her services to print assignments, music videos, commercials, films, corporate work, etc., she has also made time during her busy career, servicing a thriving wedding makeup service business. She has had extensive experience in applying makeup to more than 300 brides.

ISOMA Executive Director, C. Robert Erdman has tremendous admiration for Nicole, and believes that Ms. Martin is an exemplary individual with an extreme sense of pride in her profession and the inner drive and self-determination to overcome any obstacles in life and go on to become a success. ISOMA is pleased to acknowledge Ms. Martin for her achievements by presenting her with its ISOMA Merit Award. We look forward to seeing Ms. Martin continue to expand and grow in the industry. ISOMA is proud to recognize her.