Dear Fellow Makeup Artist,

As the Executive Director of the International Society Of Makeup Artists (which is also referred to as ISOMA), I would like to welcome you to the ISOMA Website. ISOMA is pleased to present and introduce to you its premium-quality cosmetic line. Further, Id like to tell you about how ISOMA came about, and its current goals.

In 1990, the International Society Of Makeup Artists (ISOMA) created its own line of professional cosmetics for use by its members around the world. Now, after many years, ISOMA is formally offering this premium-quality cosmetic line to all makeup artists that are employed in the multi-media makeup profession internationally.

ISOMA Cosmetics is a premium-quality cosmetic line that was created by professionals for professionals. It has been used with pleasing results by many professional makeup artists around the world who are employed in the multi-media makeup profession (motion pictures; network television (standard definition and high definition); cable television; video; theater; fashion photography; society; clinical; educational; salons. Like these professionals have done, enjoy the benefit of using a premium-quality product on your various assignments.

Regarding the creation of ISOMA, at one time, many individuals who entered the makeup profession learned the craft of makeup artistry from a family member who was already a seasoned makeup professional. And some aspiring individuals (who were not fortunate enough to have a family member teach them the craft), applied for union apprentice positions that were in existence at the Hollywood and New York studios, live theaters like the Metropolitan Opera House in New York City, and a few trained under freelance fashion makeup artists. Generally speaking (depending upon the system or the person that one studied under), one spent three years as an apprentice attending union makeup training classes each week and working at the craft. There were not the numerous training centers as there are today. As a result, in the 1970's, ISOMA was created by a select group of young makeup artists who formed friendships and shared trade secrets and techniques in order to educate themselves and advance in the multi-media makeup profession. Slowly by word of mouth ISOMA grew in size with members from around the world who wished to form a bond of learning from one another.

ISOMA is pleased to have accomplished the goal of helping one another learn the craft of makeup. Today, there is less of a need for such assistance due to the fact that there are a variety of professional makeup schools and colleges that teach makeup, numerous makeup books, videos, CD's, makeup magazines, makeup shows, an Academy Award for makeup artists, and makeup seminars that are taught by seasoned professionals who share their knowledge and techniques that they have acquired during their lengthy careers.

The goal of ISOMA has always been to be more than just a group of networking and self help individuals who could learn from one another, it has been a multi-purpose one. ISOMA wants to inspire and recognize young makeup artists, acknowledge unsung individuals as well as honor the more celebrated master craftsmen/women of our profession. We want to create respect and esteem for makeup artists and the international makeup profession. We strongly encourage both individuals and organizations to work hard to advance the makeup profession with new ideas, products, techniques, technologies, etc. Further, ISOMA is promoting a Code of Ethics and Excellence for members of the makeup profession and is working to create international goodwill.

ISOMA prides itself for being an impartial international society that wishes to simply honor members of the makeup profession who have not and may never be honored by members of their profession. ISOMA feels it is an important service to acknowledge deserving individuals. Especially in an industry that entertains, educates, and inspires millions of people who have been affected by the work of various professionals in the multi-media profession. ISOMA is honored to be the creation and means of this goal.

Sincerely yours,

C. Robert Erdman

Executive Director ISOMA