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ISOMA professional powder puffs are the peach-colored velour powder puffs that majority of the professional film and television makeup artist’s use. They are plump, luxuriously soft, and possess the right amount of firmness for ease of application and workability. Each powder puff gives your finished makeup application a smooth, even, and flawless looking finish. They are ideal for applying pressed and loose powder for setting face and body makeup. They are also useful for blending and softening excess foundation, blush and contour applications. Their professional size enables you to quickly eliminate shine during touch-ups. The soft fibers on the outer shell are gentle and are often used with a makeup remover to remove prosthetic makeup and adhesives from the skin. Each individual powder puff is only $2.00

Useful Powder Puff Techniques

To set a freshly applied foundation or to prepare a non-foundation face for the application of blush, lightly press the powder puff into a container of loose powder for the initial application of powder to set the makeup, or to absorb any natural oils on the skin and to prepare the non-foundation face for the application of blush. If you are using a pressed powder, press the powder puff into a pan of pressed powder and twist the puff left and right in the pan in order to adhere some powder onto the powder puff. Afterward, fold the puff in half and lightly rub the two puff halves together in order to distribute the powder evenly over the puff and lightly into the puff surface so that there is not too much powder being applied to any section of the face during the powder application.

At the same time, quickly and lightly roll and press the powder puff over the face, one section at a time in order to set the foundation and to absorb any oil on a non-foundation face (in order to prevent the blush from being absorbed too much in any area when it is applied to the skin.) Do not rub or drag the powder puff over the face, to do so may cause streaking or removal of some or all of the freshly applied foundation. The initial application of powder is important to set the foundation and to eliminate shine. Additional powder applications during the day are for absorbing any excess oils that may appear on the surface area of the skin. Such oils on the skin may act like a shiny reflective mirror of light into the camera. Shiny reflections are unsightly and distracting, plus they lessen the desired mood of the moment that one may be trying to create.

For applying powder under the area of the eye, where a concealer has been applied and to keep this area light, use a lighter shade of powder in this area to maintain the current lightness. Applying a darker shade of powder in the undereye area (which may be the same shade as used on the face,) may cause this area to appear darker or as dark as the skin foundation and defeat the purpose of lightening the undereye area. So a light application of a lighter shade of powder is suggested for use in the under eye area.

It is always best to use a professional size powder puff to set the initial makeup and for touch-ups during the day. Using a small size powder puff, such as the ones that come with a pressed powder compact, are best when they are used in emergency situations or for an individual’s personal use in society, for outside on-the-go touch-ups. Small powder puffs are too small and not fluffy enough to achieve the desired results for a professional powder application. Also, when using such small puffs in emergency situations, do not replace the used puff directly on the surface area of the pressed powder compact. To do so will leave a deposit of natural oil or an oil residue if one is using an oil-based foundation, on the surface area of the pressed powder Over time this surface area will harden and create a “outer skin or a coating” on the surface of the powder that will hardened the powder surface and will make it difficult for the user to obtain powder on the small puff when one may need it. It is advisable to save the small plastic disc that comes with the pressed powder and use it as a protective pad to lay over the pressed powder before you replace the small used powder puff on top of the pressed powder. This will prevent oil build-up on the surface area of the pressed powder and enable one to use the powder properly. Also, small powder puffs should always be replaced in the small compacts when they are soiled too much, in order to avoid contamination to the skin.

Large powder puffs should also be replaced once they have become soiled from too much usage during the work day. Do not use powder puffs once they have been dropped on the floor, street, or ground. Also, a new powder puff should be used for each individual and not shared with others. In order to keep your powder puffs separated and identified, remember to neatly and evenly cut the end of the powder puff bag with a small pair of scissors (that you should keep in your makeup case for this purpose,) so you may later put the powder puff back into the plastic bag and use it as a sanitary storage container for the puff. Once you place the puff back inside of the plastic bag, clearly write the name of each individual on the clear plastic powder puff bag.
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